Attorney’s services

LPGROUP is also represented by the high-professional attorneys having rich court experience of economic, civil, administrative, land, family, criminal and other court proceedings.

The attorneys ofLPGROUP guarantee high-professional level in training and court proceedings, submitting of due information on the court proceedings and confidentiality. Our attorneys ensure solution of your problems and tasks.

First of all, you’ll have some advantages if use legal services rendered by the attorneys including confidentiality and quality of legal services, their timely rendering and protection of the client’s interests determined by the laws and ensured by the state, even under criminal laws, accepted at the international level and confirmed by the international court institutions including European court of the man’s rights.

The attorney’s practice is the only method of legal services determined and regulated under Ukrainian laws including Constitution of Ukraine and Law of Ukraine on the bar.

So, collaborating with the attorneys of LPGROUP, you’ll have the following advantages:

  • Rendering legal services the attorney is entitled to receive required information to use as the evidence for civil, economic, criminal and administrative proceedings. Under the laws, the officials shall submit the documents or their copies under the attorney’s request, ensure access to the documents for the attorney and the attorney’s right to receive writing statements of the specialists and to examine the citizens.
  • When rendering legal support, the attorney shall observe ethic standards of the professional practice including the Standards of the attorney’s ethics approved by the Supreme qualification committee of the bar of the Cabinet of ministers of Ukraine, principles of independence, competence, confidentiality and dominance of your interests.
  • If any difficulties in the attorney’s practice, default of the guarantees of the attorney’s practice and professional secret, the person shall be under criminal responsibility (article 397 of Criminal Code of Ukraine).
  • Under the Procedural laws of Ukraine, expenses for the attorney’s services shall be included into the legal fees to be indemnified by the other party; but expenses for services of the legal company or the lawyer shall not be included into the legal fees; this fact is approved under due letters of Supreme economic court of Ukraine.
  • The attorney shall not be examined as the witness on the facts known under his professional practice when rendering legal services for you. Despite of other lawyers, the attorney shall not disclose information of the attorney’s secret.
  • The documents used for the attorney’s legal services shall neither be inspected, nor disclosed, nor exempted. Because of special procedural status, the attorney can ensure due safety of your documents and information. Your relations with the attorney including consultations, advice, explanations and other information received by the attorney because of his professional practice shall be the subject of the attorney’s secret. The attorney and his assistant shall neither disclose information being the subject of the attorney’s secret, nor use it for his interests, for the interests of the third persons.
  • Despite of other lawyers, the attorney is entitled to protect your rights as the suspect (the defendant) in the criminal proceedings having all powers of the defense counsel in the criminal proceedings.