Court practice

Solicitation on behalf of the plaintiff, the defendant or the third party in all phases of court proceedings and in all categories (civil, economic, administrative and criminal procedures) including:

  • ¬†determination of perspectives of court proceedings;
  • development of optimal legal position (tactics) in the court;
  • support in evidence information for the court proceedings;
  • preparation and submitting of all procedural documents to the court (claims, applications, petitions and requests etc.);
  • appealing of resolutions (decisions) of all court instances;

The specialists of LP GROUP Company have rich experience in the court proceedings and they qualitatively and, the most important, effectively represent interests of the clients in local, appeal and cassation courts in all categories (debt collecting, admission, and protection of title rights, contest of resolutions and actions, rescission of the contracts, labor disputes, estate division, loss collecting, bankruptcy etc.)