Corporate law

Establishment, state registration and activities of legal entities of all legal forms, detached subdivisions and other subjects of economic activities including:

  • development and legal examination of statutory documents;
  • establishment and registration of the turnkey companies (LLC, JSC, subsidiaries, private company etc.), non-profitable organizations (public, charitable, cooperative and companies’ group etc.), representative offices of the non-residents and the residents, the individuals – entrepreneurs.
  • state registration of amendments to statutory documents (change of location, founders’ composition, authorized capital stock, types of activities etc.) and change of the chief of the legal entity;
  • reorganization (reformation, consolidation, division, segregation) and liquidation of the legal entities;
  • transactions of purchase / sale of corporate rights;
  • settlement of corporate conflicts;
  • exemption of the founder (the member);
  • meetings of the members (founders, shareholders)

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