Business support

LPGROUP Company offers professional legal services for legal entities using comprehensive legal practice and professional team of the specialists in various law fields and ensuring confidentiality of contractual relations with the client. The Company offers legal support of economic subjects as Subscriber’s servicing.

Subscriber’s servicing of the clients includes all types of legal services including:

  • oral and writing consultations in economic activities of the client, preparation of statements ineffective legislation in order to protect his legal interests and rights;
  • development and legal analysis of all contracts, agreements and other legal documents;
  • information support of the client’s business (legislative documents, law reference information);
  • support in the development of the projects of local legislative documents of the Client’s company;
  • legal support of labor relations; participation in negotiations during the signing of the contracts, settlement of disputes because of default or undue fulfillment of the contracts;
  • representation of the Client’s interests in state authorities, institutions and organizations, officers, legal entities, and individuals;
  • legal support of economic transactions;
  • preparation of claims, petitions, requests and other procedural documents;
  • preparation of expert statements in the legal field concerning activities of the enterprises and organizations;

The advantage of business legal support as subscriber’s servicing is guaranteed timely professional legal advice for fixed monthly subscriber’s fee.

If you sign the contract of subscriber’s legal servicing, you’ll have some uncontested advantages vis-à-vis salaries lawyers of the company:

Professionalism: you employ high professional team of lawyers practicing in various fields of law in order to prevent and to settle all problems;

Continuity and timeliness: LPGROUP Company will never be ill, on holiday or resign; it has all required funds and communication facilities for the client;

Confidentiality: LPGROUP Company will never disclose your commercial secret and confidential information; it will never be with your competitors because in such case our business will stop and our standing achieved by honest work of many people will be lost;

Effect saving: no other expenses (salary + taxes, medical certificates, holidays, stationeries, premise, telephone calls and social support) except expenses for subscriber’s servicing included into the prime cost that decreases taxed profit. Other services than subscriber’s package are offered at discounted prices for the clients;

Priority: the Client’s tasks are fulfilled in priority vis-à-vis other persons’ tasks. The purpose of LPGROUP Company is contractual discipline, protection of title and personal rights, financial & economic interests of the client by prevention of unproductive expenses and loss, effective operation of the company.