Real estate and construction

Package legal support of land and real estate transactions including:

  • drafting schedule of purchase / sale of land or real estate;
  • development and implementation of schedule in order to settle legal conflicts in the field of land or real estate relations;
  • drafting and signing of the contracts of purchase & sale, granting, exchange, lease, management, servitude, superficion and other types of the contracts of land or real estate;
  • legal examination of the title and other documents for land or other real estate objects;
  • estimation of possible risks and negative consequences of land or real estate transaction and giving recommendations to prevent such situations;
  • formation of document package required for state registration of rights for land or other real estates;
  • consultations (legal support) for transfer registration of rights for land lots, preparation of the documents on behalf of the client and submitting them for registration of rights to real estate;
  • legal support in a status change of land lot;
  • representation of interests in negotiations with the third parties (legal entities and individuals);
  • consultations in the procedures of receiving and submitting the documents required for land or real estate transactions;
  • representation of interests in the court on land disputes;

The specialists of LPGROUP Company have represented interests of the clients in various transactions with land lots, integral property objects, and other real estate objects. LP GROUP Company acts on behalf of the client, searches for possible objects or the buyers under the client’s requirements, participates in negotiations and procedure of signing of the contracts, settles possible disputes in the court or in the out-of-court procedure.